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2020 Census

Business for the 2020 Census

2020 U.S. Census


Census Resources and Materials for Businesses

Businesses can help achieve a complete 2020 Census by encouraging their employees and/or customers to complete their questionnaires this year. Below are materials, social media graphics and toolkits to help you contribute to a strong count. MORE COMING SOON.

You can also join our free, private Business for the 2020 Census email network to receive updates and new resources as they become available. There are no dues and no obligations.

Comments or questions? Contact or call 202-464-7005 x511.

California's 2020 Census

ReadyNation California is an official partner of the California Complete Count Census 2020 Office and will focus on engaging California’s business sector in the decennial count. Find our more here.

2020 Census Timeline


The census begins in remote Alaskan communities, but companies everywhere can start by educating employees, customers and the general public that the census is coming soon.

MID-MARCH 2020 – June 2020:

This is a critical time for business to help contribute to a complete count because households will now be able to complete their census forms.


This is not the beginning of the census but a day that is designated to promote the census around the country.

August 11, 2020:

For those who have not yet responded, census takers will begin visiting the homes of those who have not self-responded.

October 15, 2020:

Final day to complete a census questionnaire and end of door knocking operations.

Business Depends on an Accurate Census

A data-driven economy relies on timely information about the U.S. population and how it is shifting and changing throughout the country. The decennial census provides the broadest set of data about residents in the United States that no other body produces.

  • Driving Successful Businesses: Census data is critical for helping companies determine where to open a new store, where quality employees are located, and what services and products to offer. Without census information, businesses would be left guessing.

  • Investing in a Strong Economy: Census data is used to effectively allocate roughly $800 billion in federal resources that help to strengthen the economy, including education, workforce development, transportation and housing funding.

  • Political Representation: Information from the census is used to allocate political representation at the local, state and national levels.

Learn more about the importance of the census for business here.

Hurdles to a Complete Count in 2020

The next count of all residents in the United States happens in 2020, and for the first time, the US Census Bureau will offer an online census form, to reduce costs. Despite the opportunities this presents, several hurdles threaten the accuracy of the next decennial count including adequate federal funding and the ability to reach traditionally hard-to-count communities including young children, rural households and minority communities.